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Grade II Listed
The Cottage
Cock Lane
YearNameAddressFlatRelationCM/FAgeOccupationPlace of birth 
1841Sophia TerryCock Lane1  F65 Not Kent
1841James TerryCock Lane1  M20 Kent
1841Richard TerryCock Lane1  M7 Not Kent
1841Mary NobleCock Lane2  F40 Kent
1851Sarah PageIn The Meadow1Step SisterUF60Pauper Mangle WomanElham
1851Mary NobleIn The Meadow1HeadUF50Dress MakerElham
1851Joseph P NobleIn The Meadow1Nephew M8ScholarLondon
1851Peter KesbyIn The Meadow2HeadMM28Ag LabElham
1851Eliza M KesbyIn The Meadow2WifeMF24 Elham
1851Richard C AthowIn The Meadow2Nephew M2 Elham
1851Peter KesbyIn The Meadow2Son M  Elham
1861Richard ConstableCock Lane1HeadMM60Agricultural LabourerCheriton
1861Charlotte ConstableCock Lane1WifeMF44 Frensham
YearText Photos 
This house appears to contain some of the main framework of a 15th century house, but it was largely rebuilt around 1620, and has been much restored, and the porch added in recent years. Tile house must have presented an appearance something like the Abbot's fireside, with elaborately carved brackets beneath the eaves and the overhang of the first floor. One of these still remains on the right hand lower corner, and another towards the rear of the north end, while mortises on each side of all the main windows show where the other had been. The room on the left of the main doorway has oak panelling, and a very fine carved overmantel of the 1620 period. Old cellars remain beneath this room. Elham Study  
c 1909 Just before being converted from two cottages into one Derek Boughton 10327
1912 Just after being converted from two cottages into one Derek Boughton 10328
1953 Used for historical exhibition during the 1953 Coronation celebrations  
2019 The Cottage Derek Boughton 10326
No ownership records found for this building

No ownership records found for this building