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Graveyard Memorial Inscriptions
Welcome to the Elham Historical Society database website. Feel free to browse and uncover the history of Elham. Our dedicated team of historians has recently finished recording the details on all the memorials in the graveyard. Our chairman Derek Boughton has overseen the operation, correlating the data and checking for errors. The results of their labours can be seen on the burials page.

Elham beat off stiff competition for the title of Kent Village of the year 2011 organised by Action with Communities in Rural Kent.

Censuses for outlying communities in the parish will be rolled out gradually. Check out the stats page for interesting facts and

trivia about the village. We still need your help so please send us any information relating to Elham that may be of interest.

Les Ames hits out
Les Ames in action

Elham resident Les Ames in action for England against the West Indies in 1939. He was one of the finer wicketkeeper - batsmen and played for Kent CCC.

Abbot's Fireside c 1450
Abbot's Fireside

The Abbot's Fireside is one of the older buildings in the village and probably dates back to the mid fifteenth century.

Audrey attends school
Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn (neé Rushton) lived in Orchard Cottage (Five Bells) for five years in her childhood (1935-1940) and attended the local village schools. She took ballet lessons and dreamed of becoming a prima ballerina. I wonder what became of her?

George V Playing Field
George V Playing Field

Dave Lee opens Elham's brand new playground with a sensory garden and a pretty flower meadow created by the Play for Elham charity. 21st November 2010

Swing Riots of 1830
Swing Riots

The machine breaking that led to the riots of August 1830 onwards started in the Elham Parish, writes our historian Derek Boughton, who has made a lifetime's study of the subject.

Elham residents were prominent in the gangs that sought out the new fangled threshing machines and destroyed them. Some of them cost the not inconsiderable sum for the day of £100. Full Story


Dr. Creswell concluded his term of imprisonment in St. Augustine's gaol on Tuesday in last week, and upon his release' met with a somewhat remarkable demonstration. It seems that a two-horse load of his friends had been conveyed from Elham to Canterbury early in the morning, and they awaited the appearance of the doctor in the vicinity of the gaol. Immediately upon Dr. Creswell passing the gaol gate he was vigorously cheered by his friends and escorted to a carriage and four horses which had been in waiting. This was driven off amid cheers, his progress being heralded by the blowing of a post-horn. Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald - Saturday 24 July 1880

Electricity 1934

The first electricity comes through the village. All the wires were on long poles along the street but it was some time before most people were connected up.

"It was a very welcome service. All you needed to do was put a switch down and you had heat or light; no more candles or oil lamps to read or sew by. It's wonderful how people managed with such poor light."

Memoires of Bill Watson


John File, sen., and John File, jun., appeared to summonses, the former for assaulting Mr. Thomas Bourne, of Elham, and the latter for assaulting Mr. D. S. Cresswell, of the same place.—The evidence shewed that on the 18th June, about half-past 10 at night, Mr. Bourne was on his horse near the Rose and Crown Inn, Elham, when John File, sen., went up to him, and after referring to some reports alleged to have been circulated by Bourne, he began to abuse him, and caught hold of him, and pulled him off his horse on to the ground, and thumped him on the ground; he cut his head upon, and both his hands and bruised him. Just at that time Cresswell came up and going up to File pushed him off Bourne. File then tried to strike Cresswell, and as the latter was endeavouring to ward off his blows, File's son came behind him and struck him on the side of the head and knocked him down.—The bench fined the elder defendant 5s. and 13s. 6d. costs, and the younger one 10s. and 13s. 6d. costs.—An application by John File, sen., that Bourne should find a sureties to keep the peace, was dismissed. Kentish Gazette - Tuesday 14 July 1863

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Swing Riots
Les Ames in action
Audrey Hepburn

EHS Database

Swing Riots of 1830 recounted by Derek Boughton our local expert historian.

Les Ames for England v West Indies at Kingston, Jamaica 1930 or 1935. WK Ivan Barrow watches on.

Audrey Hepburn attended private schools in the village and dreamed of being a ballerina. I wonder what became of her?

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1900 Alard Charles de Bourbel