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George W Palmer  ( 1942 - 2020 )

parents Wallace & Hilda M ROBERTS
born in Elham 1942
christened in
died in Elham 2020
buried 12 Jan 2020
occupation Farmer
 2020 George's sudden death on the 12th January came as a dreadful shock to all of us. We knew that he had an ongoing heart condition after his near fatal heart attack five years ago. But, with the skill of the medics at St Thomas's Hospital and locally, and his own regular exercise in walking up to the village with Thor, we thought he had it under control. I gave the Tribute at George's funeral, and Georgia and Toby Dingle spoke movingly about his role in the life of their family, but the greatest testimony to his contribution to our community was the vast congregation who attended. George had planned his funeral many years ago, so the hymns were very apt for one whose whole working life was on the land, primarily as a shepherd. He was well known and respected in the East Kent farming community. As well as his regular commercial flock, he had enjoyed looking after endangered breeds at the Parsonage Farm Heritage Centre, so it was a highlight when he was able to travel to the Cotswolds last year and meet Adam Henson, the great proponent of rare breeds on the BBC's Countryfile. George was for many years a conscientious and meticulous member of Elham Parish Council, never voicing an opinion before researching the facts. He served as Chairman and representative to the Kent Association of Parish Councils. As a very knowledgeable Tree Warden, he enjoyed walking round the village with the representatives from the Men of the Trees when they made their annual visit. He contributed in so many ways to life in Elham, often anonymously, but was proud to be known as President of the Cricket Club. He and I shared an interest in both wildlife and history and spent many hours together exploring the nature reserves and old churches of East Kent. After the Elham Historical Society was formed, George was our greatest supporter, donating historic documents and objects and never missing a meeting. George's sister Ellen was seven years his senior and she had married Don and moved to Folkestone when he was still a schoolboy, but her young family spent the summer holidays with their grandparents and Tiny (as George was known to the family). They remained close and met up and had lunch together every week. Ellen has received many letters, which she will treasure. One, from one of George's new friends, entirely unknown to her, said: "I have always thought of George as embodying the 'spirit' of the Elham Valley and will miss my encounters with him and Thor when out walking. A great deal of tradition and wisdom and folk memory has been lost with George's passing. Derek Boughton
Demography (Elham Parish only)
2020George W PalmerStoneacrePark Gate SingleFarmer77Elham
1942George W PalmerStoneacrePark GateSonSingle 0Elham
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Name Relation SexBornPlaceDiedPlaceOccupation
Wallace PalmerFatherM1902Elham1995Elham 
Hilda Mary RobertsMotherF1906Lyminge1981Elham