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Grade II Listed
Corner Cottage
Cock Lane
YearNameAddressRelationCM/FAgeOccupationPlace of birth 
1841Sarah KeelerThe Square  F80  
1841Sarah PageThe Square  F50  
1851James PalmerThe SquareHeadMM39Ag LabLyminge
1851Hannah PalmerThe SquareWifeMF31 Elham
1851John PalmerThe SquareSon M9ScholarElham
1851Mary A PalmerThe SquareDaughter F6ScholarElham
1851Thomas PalmerThe SquareSon M2 Elham
1911Emily Ann ShorterThe SquareWifeMF36 Elham Kent
1911Moses ShorterThe SquareHeadMM33CarterWoodchurch Kent
1911Emily A F ShorterThe SquareDaughter F10 Elham Kent
1945Elizabeth CousensThe Square WF60 Stelling Minnis
1968Elizabeth CousensThe Square WF83 Stelling Minnis
YearText Photos 
Just to the right of the King's Arms, at the corner of Market Lane is a small cottage which may be the oldest timberframed house in Elham. It is now completely plastered over, and newer windows added, but it once had a jetty, or overhang at the end facing the Square, and it was similar in style to the famous old cottage at Frogholt, near Folkestone. As with the stucco outside, wallpaper hides most of the timbers inside, but enough may still be seen to leave no doubt that this was a small hall house of the 14th or 15th century. Elham Study  
1988 Listed by English Heritage  
2010 Corner Cottage Bryan Badham 10237
 YearAddressHouse Name£ PricePurposeNotesOwner 
 1999Cock LaneCorner Cottage99950  Annie Bailey
 2003Cock LaneCorner CottageHidden  Annie Bailey