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Grade II Listed
The Well House
YearNameAddressFlatRelationCM/FAgeOccupationPlace of birth 
1841Catharine KeelerHigh Street1  F55 Kent
1841Richard KeelerHigh Street1  M35 Kent
1841Alice CoxHigh Street2  F80 Kent
1851Mary A Coopernr the Square HeadWF47Lodging House KeeperWickhambreux
1851Caroline Coopernr the Square DaughterUF20GovernessCanterbury
1851Susanna Coopernr the Square DaughterUF15 Dover
1851Lucy Hambrooknr the Square Lodger F13ScholarNewington
1851Francis Howsonnr the Square Nephew M9ScholarWickhambreux
1851Julia M Hambrooknr the Square Lodger F6ScholarNewington
1861Dansey S Cresswellnr the Square1HeadMM36Medical Professor... Cottage...Way
1861Jane Cresswellnr the Square1WifeMF29 Elham
1861Ann Crouchnr the Square1ServantUF17Domestic ServantElham
1861Danzey S A H Cresswellnr the Square1Son M7ScholarElham
YearText Photos 
This has a Queen Anne front, with an attractive 1950s hooded doorway and double sash hung windows. The house contains,however, the main framework of a medieval timber-framed house, with an overhang on the street front. Some of the old framework may be seen inside the modern garage on the left, including a bracket which once supported the overhang. The room above the garage is a modern addition, but has been cleverly made to match the rest of the house. This side of St. Marv's Road must have had a very attractive appearance in medieval times, as four out of five houses along this side, down to the King's Arms, and the small cottage at the corner of Market Lane, were timber-framed houses, with considerable timbering still remaining behind later fronts. Wise Follies, next to the inn, has the lighter framing of the 18th century, being fronted with 'mathematical tiles', which simulate brickwork. Elham Study  
c 1900 Kings Arms Well House & Old Bookshop Derek Boughton 10118
c 1910 Well House & Old Bookshop (Hills family) Derek Boughton 10117
1966 Listed by English Heritage  
2002 Well House Bryan Badham 10007
 YearAddressHouse Name£ PricePurposeNotesOwner 
 1820 The Well House   Catherine Hayward 
 1820 The Well House   Catherine Gibson 
 1820 The Well House   Catherine Keeler 
 1888 The Well House255 House DeedsRichard Hardy