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1724 Grade II Listed
High Street
YearNameAddressRelationCM/FAgeOccupationPlace of birth 
1841William BowesHigh Street  M35 Kent
1841Rebecca BowesHigh Street  F30 Kent
1841Elizabeth BowesHigh Street  F3 Kent
1841William BowesHigh Street  M2 Kent
1851William Bowes15 High StreetHeadMM49Grazier & Land ProprietorElham
1851Rebecca Bowes15 High StreetWifeMF41 Lyminge
1851William Bowes15 High StreetSon M11ScholarElham
1851Richard Bowes15 High StreetSon M9ScholarElham
1851Samuel C Bowes15 High StreetSon M6ScholarElham
1851John J Bowes15 High StreetSon M  Elham
1861William BowesHigh StreetHeadMM59Landed ProprietorElham
1861Rebecca BowesHigh StreetWifeMF50 Elham
1861Elizabeth A BowesHigh StreetDaughterUF23 Elham
YearText Photos 
It has a brick front, with a string-course between the floors, and a modillion eaves cornice. A dated brick against the top left window, is inscribed "T.C.1812" after Thomas Cooper, named in the deeds, who built the front part of the house. The four windows on the front are original, as is the fine front door, with its lat hood, and surround of rubbed and moulded brick. The rear part of the house is much older than the front: it has a lower part of ancient stonework of unknown date, and the first floor is of the 17th century, having a Palladian window in one room, and red facing brickwork with blue headers. Inside, there is a curious window between the north bedroom and an internal passage, with the window opening on the passage side. The kitchen at the rear has an old brick floor, typical of the 17th century, and the remains of an old bread oven. To the right of the house are still the old coach house and stables, also an old earth closet, which was still in use until recent years. Elham a Village Study.1968  
1724 The deeds for the Coopers date back to 1724. Elham a Village Study.1968  
1966 Listed by English Heritage  
2005 Coopers Bryan Badham 10047
 YearAddressHouse Name£ PricePurposeNotesOwner 
 1845High Street    William Bowes
 1861High StreetIvy House   Annie Bailey
 2010High StreetCoopers   Annie Bailey