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Grade II Listed
Monk's Cottage
Cullings Hill
YearNameAddressRelationCM/FAgeOccupationPlace of birth 
1841Frederic HobdayThe Row  M20 Kent
1841John MaygerThe Row  M14 Kent
1851Bridget Huxstep4 Well StreetWifeMF49Dress MakerAshford
1851Joseph Huxstep4 Well StreetHeadMM49Cordwainer Master Emp 1 Journ & 1 AppBridge
1851Sarah Stroud4 Well StreetServant F14House ServantElham
1851Sharrack R Bragg4 Well StreetNephew M4 Elham
1861Bridget HuxstepWell StreetWifeMF59 Ashford
1861Joseph HuxstepWell StreetHeadMM59CordwainerBridge
1861Ann O SouthenWell StreetServant F16General ServantElham
1861Sharrock R BraggWell StreetNephew M14PhotographerElham
1871Joseph HuxstepBack StreetHeadMM70CordwainerBridge
1871Bridget HuxstepBack StreetWifeMF69 Ashford
1881William T. Chandler Elham StreetHeadMM30IronmongerOxford
YearText Photos 
It is an old timbered house, but has been completely re-fronted, with a bay window, and imitation timbering on the first floor (since removed). Before this it was a house and shop, which before the end of the last century was a pork butcher's, the proprietor being a Mr. Swain, known to his friends as 'Poke'. At the turn of the century it was a cycle and newsagent's business, and this was taken over by a Mr. Goatman about 1909, and Mr. Tom. Goatman, was born there. Elham Study  
2010 Monk's Cottage Bryan Badham 10229
Braeside Cottages Monks Cottage Ivy Villa Windlasss Cottage Bryan Badham 10230
Monks Cottage Ivy Villa Windlass Cottage Bryan Badham 10231
 YearAddressHouse Name£ PricePurposeNotesOwner 
   Genevieve   Annie Bailey