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1 Old Cottages
The Row
YearNameAddressFlatRelationCM/FAgeOccupationPlace of birth 
1841William BoothThe Upper Row   M60 Kent
1841Jane ClarkThe Upper Row   F60 Kent
1841Ann BoothThe Upper Row   F45 Kent
1841Sarah JullThe Upper Row   F14 Kent
1851Mary Stephens10 The Row WifeMF46 Lower Hardres
1851William Stephens10 The Row HeadMM44Agl LabHastinleigh
1861William GibsonBack Street HeadMM63Agricultural LabourerLyminge
1861Frances GibsonBack Street WifeMF53 Canterbury
1861Charles GibsonBack Street Grandson M12ScholarElham
1861Hannah GibsonBack Street Granddaughter F12ScholarPaddlesworth
1871William GibsonBack Street1Head M73 Kent
1871Frances GibsonBack Street1Wife F63 Kent
1871Richard WanstallBack Street2Head M58 Kent
YearText Photos 
1812 On Monday the 8th inst. a child, between three and four years old, son of Mr. Carswell, butcher, at Elham, being improvidently left in a room by its parents, set fire to its clothes. The neighbours alarmed by its cries, hastened to its assistance, and extinguished the flames, by wrapping it in a sheet, nor, however, till the poor victim was so dreadfully burned, that death relieved it from its torture in about four hours afterwards.- This is the second instance of the kind that has occurred at the above place within the last eight mouths, and it is hoped will prove a warning to those entrusted with the care of children. Kentish Gazette - Tuesday 16 June 1812  
 YearAddressHouse Name£ PricePurposeNotesOwner 
 1845The Upper Row    William Johnson
 1999The RowOld CottagesHidden  Annie Bailey