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1605 Grade II Listed
King's Arms
The Square
C = Church of St. Mary the Virgin

YearNameAddressRelationConditionGenderAgeOccupationPlace of birth 
1939Mildred A FileThe Square WidowF65House Holder 
1939Edwin LonghurstThe Square SingleM62Farm worker & cowman 
1911George Dixon PitcherKings Arms InnHeadMarriedM59Licensed VictuallerSt Dunston Cants Kent
1911Thomasine PitcherKings Arms InnWifeMarriedF57Licensed VictuallerElham Canty Ken
1911Alpida PitcherKings Arms InnDaughterSingleF24At Home AssistingElham Canty Ken
1911Evelyn PitcherKings Arms InnDaughterSingleF20At Home AssistingElham Canty Ken
1911Percival Dixon PitcherKings Arms InnSonSingleM18EngineerElham Canty Ken
1911Wallace Lionel PitcherKings Arms InnSonSingleM16Electrical Engineer On TrialElham Canty Ken
1901George Dixon PitcherThe SquareHeadMarriedM49Licensed Victualler And DecoratorCanterbury
1901Thomasine PitcherThe SquareWifeMarriedF46 Elham
1901Bessie PitcherThe SquareDaughter F15 Elham
1901Alfreda PitcherThe SquareDaughter F14 Elham
1901Charles F PitcherThe SquareSon M12 Elham
   This has been an inn for over 400 years, and thus is older even than the Abbot's Fireside. It was formerly known as the 'Cock' inn, in the days when cock fighting took place in premises at the rear. Even earlier references allude to it as the 'Church Ale House'. The building on the Square, and a long wing at the rear are timber-framed and most attractive inside. The front once had an overhang, but this has been underbuilt in brick, and the upper floor tile hung. New windows, and a modern porch have also been added, but the coach entrance and yard still remain. The main framework dates from the 16th century. Elham Study
 1605 October 9th. Release from Thomas Bexlie of Whitstable, yeoman, to John Penvold of Elham, butcher, on payment by him of £7, of all his right, etc., in a stable and parcel of ground situate in the “Nether Market” in Elham. Boundaries: to the south and west, a house called “the sign of the Cock” [messuagium vocatum le signum galli]; north, house and lands of John Tibbold; east and south, the common way. (signed) Thomas Bexlie. Witnesses: Nich. Hotten (his mark), Nich. Ladd. CKS: U47
 1729 Sp. at the Cock when the Cess was Sinned 00-02-06 Sp. at the Cock at the Crownation of King George the Second 00-02-06 Pd. For a Lowanes at the Cock for the workmen at work a bought the Church 00-08-06 Elham Churchwardens’ Accounts
 1740 16th October. Webb Foreman acknowledges to hold the Cock (formerly Thomas Ruck’s and before Daniel Ruck’s) now in occupation of ---- or – assigns, which he purchased of Mrs Elizabeth Pettit. CKS: U47/3 Elham Manorial Court Rolls
 1749 Will of Webb Foreman of Elham, beer brewer, in good health, dated 2nd March 1747/8, proved 18th March 1748/9. Mess. or t. in Elham commonly called or known by the name or sign of the Cock, now occupied by Jane Glasier, my mother-in-law, brewhouse and malthouse also in Elham and in my own occupation, unto and among my three children Edward, George, and Richard Foreman. Jane Glasier, executrix, with advice and assistance of Mr Richard Giles of Pluckley (trustee) to carry on business of brewing and making malt till youngest son 21, when personal estate to be divided. CKS: PRC 16/93 F.42
 1749 Probate Inventory of Webb Foreman, 14th March 1748/9. £ s d Household goods amounting to 42-10-0 Wood in Stack and a Hop Brack & other things 2- 0-0 Seventy-Seven Butts of Beer at £4 p. Butt 308- 0-0 Eleven Barrells of Beer at £1 4s 0d p. Barrell 13- 4-0 Twelve emty Buts at 8s p. Butt 4-16-0 Twenty emty Barrells at £0 3s p. Barrell 3- 0-0 In the Brewhouse, One Copper 12-10-0 One Mish Tubb & under back 5- 0-0 One Tunn Tubb, Three Pumps, three Gutts, Three Coolbacks, & Stalders 7- 0-0 One Buckett, Rope & Cabston 2-10-0 Malt Fifty Qrs at £1 p. Qr 50- 0-0 450-10-0 CKS: PRC 11/82/219
 1749 16th October. Death of Webb Foreman …. The Cock (formerly Thomas Ruck’s) in several occupation of Jane Glazier and John Cheesman CKS: U47/3 Elham Manorial Court Rolls

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